Thursday, January 31, 2008


I'm sort of worried on having some sort of Heisenberg effect on the prevalence of hipster girls in mustaches. If this blog attains any sort of even marginal popularity, the current mustache wearing female hipster population will probably stop wearing them because it'll be "over," and the current female hipster population that does not wear mustaches, or aren't aware of the trend, might start wearing them, creating some paradigm shift I'm not ready to be responsible for.

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alex said...

this may very well be true. i find this documentation funny, but my friend was really disappointed and doesn't want to wear the mustache any more. she did as an act of blurring the gender categories of women vs. men, and loves going to parties in her suspenders, moustache, and fully functioning vagina pride. she did not even know it was a hipster trend! so now, she thinks her mustache phase is over :(