Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I was reading some article somewhere that talked about how despite advances in quality of every format of everything (photography, video, music, etc.), people are more and more content with shittier formats. Ringtones are hot sellers. So are 128 kbps songs that end up getting played though stock iPod headphones. Disposable cameras outsell digital cameras. People are streaming whole movies on Youtube. We have unlimited access to free or cheaper than ever before formats that are higher quality than anything that have existed before. Why not use them?

On a contrary note, this girl has a Nikon D50 and I use disposable cameras exclusively.


Post Script: This is a rip from VHS to Youtube. Imagine how good it could be in a watchable format.

When's there gonna be a Vince Collins DVD?

Seen on Vice

These two don't quite fit this blog's namesake: more woman than girl, more pedestrian than hip, but they're from a Vice article so technicalities permit it.