Saturday, March 22, 2008

ever wanted to date hipster girls in mustaches?

I'm a HUGE fan of hipster girls in mustaches, but I've yet to have the opportunity to date one. It's bringing me down. I live in the greater Seattle area. Can you do anything to help me out? Sincerely, reader."

Dear reader,

Here you go:

I was going to write "this girl looks like lots of fun. She wants to dress up like Bigfoot and follow a Sasquatch expedition. But watch out, her life is a Jerry Springer episode," but I think it might actually be her friend in the mustache.

Date her (friend?) here:

Rachel has a Myspace so I could actually find out her name. She enjoys art, the dro, and having terrible taste in stuff. She also has Jerry Springer moments.

This girl is the kyootest of the bunch, but she has hella short hair so if you woke up next to her after a long night of drinking and she was facing the other way you'd get that "OMG I slept with a 12 year old boy" feeling we all know and it'd take about 5 minutes or so of trying to justify that to yourself before you realize she has tits and you aren't actually a pedophile but are now wondering what it'd be like. Apart from making you question your sexuality on entirely new levels, she seems to be into typical "indie" stuff.

This girl is kind of weird.