Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The thing with party pic and photo hosting sites is that you don't get to know anything personal, like that they like "" or their name or whatever.


If you're gonna do something, do it right. And all the time. Annie understands this. She has not one, but FOUR mustache styles in her Facebook tagged pics.
Also, she cool.


There's a certain Joy in mustaches, isn't there?


Julia made the mustache choice that many of the non-mustache growing gender do. She chose the discreet, but available on-the-fly index finger sharpie mustache. This is great for those times when a mustache is needed for just a brief, but triumphant moment.

karen danielle

Karen Danielle is a tad much a product of the "information age." Look at that digicam and MS Paint mustache. Whatever happened to things that are real, like fake mustaches and like film cameras that weren't purchased at urban outfitters?


"Hannah" (the name, not the girl) is indeed a palindrome. Are mustaches? Think about it.

bridgette and her friend

Two for one! Double trouble!


This is Alex. She doesn't have Myspace because that would hinder her ability to solve crimes.

r v chong

Fist hipster girl in a mustache from Denmark! This is groundbreakin'.


This is a pretty fresh take on it.