Thursday, February 7, 2008


I can't think of a caption for Athena so I'm having a contest. Do you think you know who I am IRL or Myspace friends with out of the girls posted so far? First to correctly guess who my IRL friends are and who my Myspace friends (some overlap) are gets to have their band or proj featured on my, my other blog.

I have other contests coming soon. Be excited. (she has real good music taste)

EDIT: This photo is lost due to me not doing my own hosting.

LA Still Tries Too Hard

LA is in Orange County. I'm pretty sure. Everyone in these pictures looks like a total douche. I left out a lot of pictures because there were dudes in them and is a dude-free zone.

Quit looking at the camera. Jesus.

The girl on the right is much better at posing. Heil! She might be sorta legit.

You're not too cool for mustaches, mustaches are too cool for you. Where the fuck were these taken? It looks like a shitty yearbook photo place or something, but there are so many people.

I can't understand this, it is too much.

Look through the rest of the pictures, seriously. Total douchebags. I hate Pac Sun. The website wouldn't let me direct link their photos either. Gay gay gay. And it loads slow.

Wait, fuck the dude-free rule. You have to see these.

Actually fuck that, it's not worth the time, just know that there are lots of bad screen prints, peace signs, and Pac Sun shit from 3 years ago. Like, total additive inverse of not sucking. They're not going on this blog; this blog has class, son.

LA Tries too hard

(Except for these three, they try the perfect amount.) is all about black history month.

First update in a week! Shit!

If this girl has incredibly wealthy, terminally ill parents, listens to Botch, and is willing to move to Seattle I will marry her right now.

There are colors in these pictures I've never seen before.

Assuming this isn't posed, and it probably isn't, I would love to know what is going on out of frame that caused all three of these facial expressions.

This one has a Rolling Stones feel to it.

What a lame band name.

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