Monday, October 27, 2008

This Girl's Name is Probably Katie

Lipstick and a mustache, eh? Kind of reminds me of this. Doing it wrong? Are there holds barred, or am I being overly critical?

(I hate when picture are less than 400 pixels wide. Aspiring blogees, please, please post decent quality pictures at least 400 pixels wide. Photobooth on your Macbook is tempting, but you only get one shot to get blogged about so make it good!)

Little Alex

These people are all friends of mine, so I'm breaking the strict "dude-free zone" rule for Little Alex. I have a hard time writing about people I know so just listen to her music on MySpace, alright?

She'd probably also want me to plug the Department of Safety, a wonderful place.

EE Storey

This girl does all sorts of design for music hipster girls in mustaches listen to. Could her mustache donning have cause some sort of trickle down effect? Definitely yeah.